Why blogging is good for business

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It makes total sense that my very first blog post is about blogging and why it's a necessity for the savvy business owner.

Blogs, as we know them today, have been around since the late 90's and were an evolution of both online diaries and website news pages. Originally the domain of writers, journalists and social and political commentators, businesses are now realising that blogging is for them too. 

So why is this? 

Simple. They drive traffic to your website.
Search engines like Google love to see activity and new content on websites but unfortunately most are just a few pages of fairly static content, in that you don't have to rewrite or edit them too often. This is where a blog comes in. Every time you publish a blog post it's another indexed page on your website. It also gives you a chance to naturally incorporate key words and phrases that didn't quite make it into your main website content. This is great for SEO and increases the likelihood of your website showing up in searches. This in turn increases your organic ranking which means less money spent on ad words and other forms of advertising. Win!

It gives you original content for your social media platforms.
This is closely linked to the point above in that it drives traffic to your website. If you look at your Facebook newsfeed you'll find very little original content. Aside from status updates and the occasional holiday snap most of what you'll see is other people's content that been shared by friends and the pages you follow - as well as sponsored posts of course (apologies in advance if you ever see one of them from me but you know, a girl has got to make a living).
Businesses often have their own Facebook and LinkedIn pages but find that they don't really know what to post about, especially if you're a service provider like I am at Seven Hats. You can only share direct links to your website so often before people start switching off, especially if that content is not new or engaging. The alternative is posting links that your audience would find relevant and that's all well and good but it's not really helping you apart from getting the occasional like or comment on your page. Creating your own original content that people want to read and engage with is the solution as any likes, comments or even better, shares, will ultimately drive traffic back to your site.

Obviously there are different social media platforms that people use aside from Facebook and LinkedIn. Artists, designers, photographers and retailers, do well on image driven platforms like instagram and Pinterest but posting everything on a blog and sharing from there exposes you to a larger audience which will help increase commissions, bookings and sales.

Clients and customers have a chance to get to know you.
Writing as I speak, my own style of communicating features heavily throughout my website, so I think I'm able to get across some of my personality before having any contact with potential clients. However, it's not so easy when attempting to show my level of authority or expertise. This is where a blog is priceless. Without ever having to make contact with me a potential client can read a blog post and make some snap judgements. Hopefully these judgements are along the lines of "Yup, sounds like she knows a bit about what she's talking about. She doesn't use too many long, technical words for the sake of it. She sounds nice and personable - I want to work with her". Awesome. I want to work with you too. Call me!

You can leverage off other people's popularity.
Let's face it. Who here hasn't made use of their ultra good-looking/hilarious/oh-so-interesting friends when trying to increase their own network (...or pick-up)? Whether you ask guest bloggers to use your own blog as a platform, interview someone you admire or just refer to them when writing an opinion piece it all helps with increasing your reach. More often than not, this will be shared as content in their own social networks and show up in search results. As long as it's done with authenticity and integrity they're great options and is basically another win win.

So hopefully this has given you a bit of an insight into why blog for your business is pretty much essential if you want to get ahead. 

Until next time.