Recent project: Puggle Post Look Book

Seven Hats Puggle Post Look Book.jpg

Wow! Talk about all quiet on the blogging front. How is it nearly a year since I last wrote anything?

I have actually got a few articles half written and a few tucked away inside my brain for a later date but for now I wanted to quickly share a recent project with you. 

I believe this is the first design project I've shared on my website, which is so slack considering most of my projects have been design ones. Still, it's been a busy year for all kinds of reasons, not least because of the arrival of Miss S, so the official gallery opening will have to wait a while longer.

So... this was a little project I convinced Carmel to do as I thought it would be a great marketing tool. Many of you will know that I'm a huge fan of Puggle Post, and of the lovely Carmel, who put a lot of faith in me with both the naming of the business and the logo design when we both started our businesses last year. I honestly love what she's trying to achieve and I genuinely think the products she stocks are spot on. I've bought many of them as presents for my own children as well as other people's.

I do find however, websites, especially online shops, can sometimes be overwhelming for the user and it isn't always easy to show-off your wares. So, is there another, cost effective, way?

Behold, the Look Book.

A Look Book is a great way to show potential customers some of your best products, especially if you've invested in some beautifully styled photography like Carmel. The viewer can have a broad look at many products at once rather than having to navigate their way through an online menu. Originally this was going to be a standard PDF which could be emailed to her client database, and it still is, but I've also made it interactive so, if the viewer sees a product they like they can click on it and be taken directly to that product on the website.

Finally, I've also published it online so that it can be shared with greater ease and still be downloaded as a printable PDF if the viewer wishes. 

So here it is. Tell me what you think. There might also be a few things in there which could make a child in your life very happy this Christmas.

Finally, if you want one of these for your business please feel free to contact me.