MY Services


I understand that small business owners don't have the budget or consistent work load to employ someone permanently. My aim is to give you some temporary breathing space with no commitments to ongoing contracts so you can focus on the bigger things and take your business to the next level. Although I offer seven different services (or as I call them, hats) most business owners require a smorgasbord of support. Here is an overview of the different hats I wear and the kind of support I can offer you. My goal is to be useful and cost-effective so please feel free to mix and match.


Bills, bills, bills! Whether you're paying or chasing it's easy for them to be put to the bottom of the priority list. This hat is worn when you need me to raise invoices or purchase orders, enter data into excel, MYOB (or whatever system you use), check statements or chase debtors. If these bills then need to be filed away I'll quickly change back into my office assistant hat.


My graphic design hat can be worn when you want me to review existing promotional material or when you require new material such as business cards, brochures, digital or printed advertising, presentations or a new logo or brand mark. This hat is interchangeable with my marketing hat when it comes to branding your business. For a sneak peak at some of my creative work you can check out my instagram.


Whether you're just starting up your business and haven't even decided on a business name or whether you've been established for years but haven't really got a marketing strategy, this hat is worn when you want to discuss how best to promote your business.  I'm all about brand and I pride myself in thinking outside the box. I can take a look at the visual aspects of your marketing as well as the tone you are using when communicating to your demographic. I have a great eye for photography and styling and many years of copywriting experience. From websites and social media to EDMs and flyers, we can take a look at what is working and what could be improved and bring your business to the next level. 


This is what I call the 'mucking in' hat. It's the one I wear when I roll-up my sleeves and open your mail, do your filing, organise your stationery cupboard, pop to the post office, make you a cup of tea or whatever it is that will make your life easier. I'm a firm believer that a cluttered workspace equals a cluttered mind and nobody likes a hundred unfinished jobs hanging around. That is why it is important to get the menial things done so you can focus on the big picture stuff with clarity and creativity. While I'm doing this it's a great opportunity for us to chat about your business and bounce ideas around at the same time. 


My office manager hat is worn when you want help with tasks such as data entry, procurement, digital file management, email or phone call follow-ups or maintenance issues. Basically if you've fallen behind on a few big tasks or have some ongoing issues that need to be resolved, having someone there to focus on them for a few hours will mean you can put them out of your mind once and for all (or until the next time you need my services). We can also take a look at the streamlining and automation of some of your processes while we're at it.



This hat can sometimes be confused with the office manager's hat but there are some subtle differences. As your PA I won't blink if you need me to order flowers for your mother, renew your gym membership, book flights for a holiday or even order your groceries online. If your focus on the business is letting your personal tasks slide I can help you get back on top of them.


Project coordinator

This hat is often reserved for the meatier tasks. Projects or events can be very time consuming and often mean that the day to day stuff is put on hold. Whether you need me to help you plan and organise a PR event or whether you've decided that you do actually need to recruit someone on a permanent basis but don't have time to advertise, read the applications, respond, interview, check references etc... then please, let me help you.